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  • Josh Breshgold

Common Misconception

Updated: May 27, 2021

There’s a common misconception that our products and services are reserved for the uber-wealthy, but that's simply not the case. While many of our clients have found great success in their respective businesses and ventures, there are other commonalities that lead these gentlemen to work with us.

Time Management

When someone realizes that his valuable time is better spent on business operations than running around trying to find the perfect fit for their clothes, they call in a professional. Just as you might outsource aspects of your home life or business that aren't in your wheelhouse, image and wardrobe management should be similarly considered.

Settling On Fit

You're at the top of your game at work because you put in the time and effort to get there. You wouldn't settle for a lower title or less pay at the office, so don't settle for an imperfect or uncomfortable fit. You can have clothing that both reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable and put together.

Need To Look The Part

You've been wearing the same thing for years and are ready for a change. Or there's an event or meeting coming up that you want to look your best for - give us a call. That's what we're here for.

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