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Well Dressed Man

Our Process


We operate by appointment, at your home, office or our new showroom in Royal Oak, MI. To request an appointment, please complete our contact form.


We need to truly understand how your clothing needs to perform in order to make proper recommendations. We will then walk you through the process, from measurements and fabrics selection to the final accouterments.


In about 4-6 weeks time we will contact you to schedule your fitting. Adjustments are marked and completed locally. After this meeting, you can expect your clothes finished and hanging in your closet within 2 weeks.


We then have your pattern and re-ordering is straightforward. Making changes to your pattern is simple. The system works in the same way for shirts. From here, we lay out a clear plan to build your perfect rotation, solely based on your needs and lifestyle.

Whether you need a complete wardrobe overhaul or are simply adding a beautiful summer jacket, we always begin the same way. With a single suit or sport coat with accompanying trousers. Reason being, fit is everything. We build an individual pattern for you, to ensure an exceptional fit. Once your pattern is set, we can add at will.

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