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Ari joined Joshua Gold in 2010 to lead business operations and client development. A seasoned salesman, Ari understands the importance of relationships in business, and is devoted to cultivating and maintaining the company’s client-centric culture.

He’s also a classic case study in the benefits of custom clothing. As someone who is difficult to fit in off-the-rack garments, Ari became a loyalist after he spent a day feeling comfortable and confident (and collecting compliments) in his first custom suit.

Ari relies on flannel, knit ties, and corduroy for everyday – but feels most polished in a crisp blue shirt and one of his navy hopsack sport coats.

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Always one to break with tradition, Josh knew from an early age that a typical office job wasn’t in his future. He started Joshua Gold in 2007, following a summer apprenticeship with a master tailor in Singapore. Josh fell in love with the business – a job that combined his sartorial passion with his predisposition for entrepreneurship didn’t feel like a job at all.

He began as a traveling salesman of sorts, visiting clients in their homes or offices around the Midwest – initially offering only custom-made shirts. Fast forward a decade – Josh runs his custom clothing business with a holistic approach to building a bespoke wardrobe. He still travels throughout the Midwest, but enjoys having a home base in the Royal Oak showroom. “I need to understand each of my client’s lifestyles, preferences, and line of work,” says Josh. “Clothing should move with you, be comfortable above all else, and tell a story about who you are to everyone you meet.”

Josh believes that every man’s wardrobe begins with a single, well-crafted garment – similar to the way he began his business by offering a wardrobe staple, a classic shirt. This lays the foundation for every interaction that follows, as a perfectly curated wardrobe is created with precision and care.

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Head Clothier

Todd joined the Joshua Gold team in Spring of 2018 as a Style Consultant.  From a young age, Todd has been pushing the boundaries of fashion and style and has always had a vision for dressing for an occasion.  Todd spent the early part of his career in custom clothing, where he focused on building relationships with his clients and was known to go above and beyond to make sure fit and customer service were impeccable.  He then moved into the uniform design business, working with some of the hot up and coming Detroit restaurants to outfit the staff and make sure it satisfied their vibe and vision. 

Todd believes every wardrobe should have a handful of statement pieces along with staple pieces to mix and match.  He is known to wear custom blazers, vests, and shoes with a pair of plaid slacks or denim – "there are no rules as long as you feel confident."

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executive assistant

Andrew has always had a hard time fitting into clothes off the rack. Suits were baggy, and sleeve length was never long enough. Always trying to make something work, Andrew’s wife gifted him cufflinks but finding a French cuffed shirt that fit seemed impossible. The next gift was a made-to-fit French cuffed shirt from Joshua Gold Custom Clothier. That shirt changed his life and opened up a world of endless possibilities of colors, patterns, and style, but above all, comfort.

As his wardrobe grew, so did his love for the craft. Andrew joined the team in late 2021 and hasn't looked back since. “I want everyone to experience the confidence I feel when putting on a suit tailored to fit!” Andrew is dedicated to contributing to a sustainable future through his work and appreciates the longevity and purity of quality fabrics.


operations team lead

Arianne has joined the Joshua Gold team as the operations team lead. Wearing many hats to help keep operations running smoothly. She helps to innovate with the processes that keep operations efficient and clients happy. 

Her background is in fine arts, with a major in painting. Art has always been an essential part of her life; Arianne believes a persons’ wardrobe is a tangible, ubiquitous art form that can represent a mood, culture, or personality. 

Rather than buying ephemeral pieces or following fast-fading trends, Arianne believes in investing in thoughtful, quality garments. She hopes to help people find meaningful ways to express themselves using custom clothing as a medium.